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August 19, 2017
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What's New at IAFF 1014
Friday August 4, 2017 UPDATE

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

1014 Friday August 4th 2017 

As per our MOU we have sent a letter to the County notifying them we are ready to begin negotiations for bargaining units 601 and 602.  The actual sitting at the table with the County will begin shortly but prior to that we have our work cut out for us.

We will be gathering facts and figures from the County on all things within our department as well as all other bargaining units in the County.  We will read through every contract and evaluate what other bargaining units in the County receive that we do not and may be in our best interest to pursue.

We have a list of items that we will ask for at the table and off we go.

For those that are new to 1014, our last negotiations took many months which involved MANY meetings.  We asked for simple items that would benefit us all to complex items involving the firefighter ranks.  We will once again be pushing hard for everything we can.

We are committed to once again taking as long as necessary to get a fair contract that will benefit the members of 601 and 602 going to as many bargaining sessions as needed and doing whatever it takes.

V days

If you remember when we negotiated the County Coalition of Unions Contract (CCU) a few years ago one of the items we received was more vacation hours for 20 – 24+ year employees.

Previously after 12 years you earned only 240 hours of vacation per year.  With the new agreement, as of January 1, 2016 the new accrual rate changed to the following for 56 hour employees:

Vacation years of service

Vacation accrual per pay period

Maximum hours

20 to less than 21 years



21 to less than 22 years



22 to less than 23 years



23 to less than 24 years



24 years or more



The problem with this agreement is the County felt that once you accumulated a maximum of 720 hours you would stop accumulating.  The agreed in negotiations that the couldn’t do that because using those numbers it would be possible to stop accumulating hours in 2016 near October if you were a 24+ year employee that started the year with 480 hours and did not take any vacation time off during 2016.

To our surprise the County chose to stop allowing those employees that had reached 720 to accumulate any more vacation hours.  This affected anyone who began 2016 with 480 hours and took no vacation time.   So if you were 24 year employee you stopped accumulating in October.

The County chose to give those employees who stopped accumulating hours their “excess” hours on their January 30th, 2017 paycheck.

if you are a 24+ year employee and have not taken any vacation time in 2017 you will stop accumulating vacation time again very soon.

As we all know the maximum hours you can be paid off in January is 240 hours.  With the addition of the excess hours you now have time you can take off in your “highest year” without affecting those 240.  If you did not take any time in 2016 and you are a 24+ year employee you have 60 “excess hours”.  If you have not taken any in 2017 by December 31, 2017 you will have a total of 120 hours (5 shifts).

If you have stopped accumulating hours you will see you have 240 hours in excess with a total of 720 hours.  If you take a shift of vacation off you will drop below the 720 and begin to accumulate once again.

Where are with getting this resolved?  We are now going through the administrative process, meaning we have filed to get relief from an arbitrator.

We will get this resolved.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Andy Doyle at (562) 307-7045 or by email at or you can contact any board member at (310) 639-1014.

F days

Again, in the CCU negotiations EVERY County employee was given another holiday (Cezar Chavez day).  This new holiday was the first in MANY years.  What this translated to for a 56-hour employee was a half shift.

The County has been fighting us on this as well.  There is a document from the 1950’s agreed to by the Board of Supervisors (BOS) that directed the County to give 56 hour fire series employees to use as we wish and like vacation time have a maximum accrual.

The County has said they will have the BOS draft and sign a new agreement soon.  That day has not come soon enough.

We have filed for administrative relief on this as well and are moving through the process.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Andy Doyle at (562) 307-7045 or by email at or you can contact any board member at (310) 639-1014.


LACERA ELECTIONS - 100% Local 1014 Candidates Prevail! 

On behalf of the over 3,300 members of Local 1014, we would like to congratulate David Green and David Muir on being elected to the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) Board of Investments and to Herman Santos and Les Robins on being elected to the Board of Retirement.  

With Brother Will Pryor and this team we can be sure our retirement interests and investments are sound and protected to ensure our retirement funded. 

As Local 1014 Firefighters, we know that it is essential that we have smart, responsible people on our LACERA retirement board who understand Firefighter issues both on the job and into retirement. Your Union is constantly making sure YOUR needs are represented at every level of County government.

2nd Member-Board of Investment

2nd Member-Board of Retirement

8th Member-Board of Investments

8th Member-Board of Retirement

David Green

Herman Santos

David Muir

Les Robbins

4,035 votes

2,945 votes

8791 votes

7789 votes





As always THANK YOU for allowing us to work for you every day!

Check or for details
Happy 4th of July!

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel


July 4th is a time to enjoy parades, family, friends, BBQ and fireworks. Whether you go to a sponsored fireworks show or have your own celebration remember to use the safe and sane fireworks.

This summer seems to by flying by already. Enjoy the day and the rest of your summer.  As we have seen so far this potentially will be a very busy summer!

We live in the greatest country in the world. We celebrate the 4th of July as the birth of the United States of America.

On July 4th, 1776 the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. This is what established our nation. Our freedom continues to be protected by the men and woman of the United States Military. While you are celebrating our nation please take a moment to reflect on those that are standing a post somewhere to make sure we continue to be a free nation. Remember those that are away from their families this holiday and others, protecting what the Continental Congress envisioned when they drafted the document that our country was founded on. Take a few more minutes to remember those that have given their life to protect our Constitution and keep us safe.

Your 1014 board will be spending our 4th of July either in the station or with our families as well. We wish everyone a happy and safe 4th.

Please remember the busy time of year is now here for us. We have to be ready to answer the call when the phone rings. Be it an overtime, recall or your 1014 board, you have to be ready.

This 4th of July (and every day) do not drink and drive. Drink responsibly. Think before you start. Get a room or use a designated driver. Unfortunately, every holiday we have members that make a poor, life changing decision. Don't be that person this year.

Remember 601 & 602 bargaining units received a small salary increase as of July 1.  This will show up on your July 30th paycheck.

Check or for details
MDA Fill The Boot 2017 Day 3 results

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3100 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

Day 3 results

On behalf of Local 1014 and the families served by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), we would like to thank you for your support of our 15th Annual Los Angeles County Local 1014 Fill the Boot held on Friday June 30th (A).  Day 3. Because of you, Los Angeles County Firefighters have raised nearly $3,500,000 in the last fourteen years. These donations have been used to provide health care and support services to the families served by MDA, Los Angeles.

This year Day 3 we raised over $43,000.  A good day!  Our final numbers are not in yet (still counting coins) but we collected over $128,000 over 3 days for our local MDA.

Thank you to our Credit Union, F&A Credit Union, for providing meals to our/your members.

Why do we do this every year....

Battalion  Participating Fire Stations & Locations Fri, 6.30 (A Shift)
Battalion 1 Fire Station 7 - Santa Monica & San Vicente, West Hollywood
  Daily Totals  
Battalion 2 Fire Stations 64, 85, 86, 141,151, - Bonita & Arrow Hwy, San Dimas $3,375
  Fire Stations 101,102,62 - Bonita & Yale -  Claremont $1,256
  Daily Totals $4,631
Battalion 3 Fire Station 3 - Atlantic & Pomona, East Los Angeles 
  Fire Station 27, 50 - Atlantic & Washington, Commerce 
  Fire Station 39, 163 - Florence & Garfield, Bell Gardens  $1,196
  Daily Totals $1,196
Battalion 4 Fire Station 19,63 & 82 - Foothill Blvd & Verdugo, La Canada $1,954
  Fire Station 11,12, 66  - Lake & Mendocino
  Daily Totals $1,954
Battalion 5 Fire Station 70,71,88 - Pacific Coast Hwy & Webb, Malibu  
  Fire Station 68 - Park Granada & Calabasas Road 
  Daily Totals
Battalion 6 Soledad Cyn. & Bouquet Cyn. Road - Santa Clarita    $382
  Daily Totals  $335
Battalion 7 Fire Station 10,36,127 - Avalon & Carson, Carson See below
  Fire Stations 95,105,116 - Avalon & Victoria. Carson  $2,850
  Daily Totals $2,850
Battalion 8 Fire Station 17,28,59, 96 - Whittier & Colima, Whittier $1,283
  Fire Station 25,103,40 - Whittier & Rosemead, Pico Rivera  $467
  Daily Totals $1,750
Battalion 9 Fire Station 30,34 - Artesia & Pioneer, Cerritos $1,424
  Fire Station 45,122, 94 - Lakewood & Del Amo, Lakewood
  Daily Totals $1,424
Battalion 10 Fire Station 4,5,47 - Sam's Club -  El Monte  $1,269
  Fire Station 90,166,168,169, 167 - Valley & Garvey, El Monte See above
  Daily Totals $1,269
Battalion 11 10th Street West & Avenue K - Lancaster   $3,231
  Daily Totals  $3,231
Battalion 12 Fire Station 118, 26, 43, 87, 91, 145: Azusa & Colima, City of Industry  $3,295
  Daily Totals  $3,295
Battalion 13 Fire Station 54,57,47 - Firestone & Garfield, South Gate $1,334
  Fire Station 165,166- Pacific & Florence, Huntington Park $350
  Daily Totals $1,684
Battalion 14 Fire Station 6, 2 - Lomita & Narbonne, Lomita $3,350
  Fire Station 83,56,53 Western & Caddington, RPV  See above
  Daily Totals $3,350
Battalion 15 Fire Station 181,185,188 - Rio Rancho & Auto Center, Pomona $1,657
  Fire Station 184,183,182,186 - Garey & Foothill, Pomona  $1,275
  Daily Totals $2,932
Battalion 16 Fire Station 97,32 - Citrus & Alosta, Azusa  
  Fire Station 154,29,152,48,153- Azusa & Arrow Hwy, Covina $2,905
  Daily Totals $2,905
Battalion 17 Rancho Vista Blvd. & 10th Street West, Palmdale  $2,904
  Daily Totals  $2,904
Battalion 18 Fire Stations  - Hawthorne & Rosecrans, Hawthorne/Lawndale  $187
  Daily Totals $187
Battalion 19 Fire Station 119,120,121 - Temple & Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar  
  Fire Station 61,146,187 - Grand & Temple, Walnut  
  Daily Totals  
Battalion 20 Fire Station 171,14,18,170,173,172, - Manchester & La Brea, Inglewood  $831
  Daily Totals $831
Battalion 21 Fire Station 191,192,193,194 - Beach & Imperial, La Habra $3941
  Daily Totals $3941
Battalion 22 Soledad Cyn. Rd & Sierra Highway - Santa Clarita $3,282
  Daily Totals $3,282
  Grand Totals $43,998

Thank you to all our members who participated.  On behalf of the people and their familes that this will help we THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Your Local 1014 Executive Board

Check or for details

Four years ago today...WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!

Four years ago today...


On June 30, 2013, the wind-whipped Yarnell Hill wildfire turned suddenly and killed 19 members of Prescott's Granite Mountain Hotshots as they moved to re-engage the inferno, 30 miles south of Prescott.

The fire raged into Yarnell, a community of about 650 people, destroying more than 120 homes. In all, the blaze consumed 8,400 acres before firefighters at last contained it on July 10 2013.

Kevin Woyjeck, oldest son of our brother Joe Woyjeck, was a member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew who was one of the 19 that perished that day.

We ask all our members today to take a moment and remeber Kevin and his crew. Today will be a difficult day for Kevin's family as well as the familes of all the fallen members of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew

The fallen firefighters, our IAFF brothers are:

Kevin Woyjeck, 21 Andrew Ashcraft, 29 Robert Caldwell, 23
Travis Carter, 31 Dustin Deford, 24 Christopher MacKenzie, 30
Eric Marsh, 43 Grant McKee, 21 Sean Misner, 26
Scott Norris, 28 Wade Parker, 22 John Percin, 24
Anthony Rose, 23 Jesse Steed, 36 Joe Thurston, 32
Travis Turbyfill, 27 William Warneke, 25 Clayton Whitted, 28
  Garret Zuppiger, 27

Latest news for Granite Mountain Hot Shots
Mens Journal - The Last Battle of the Granite Mountain Hotshots
Inside look at Granite Mountain Hotshot crew killed in Yarnell Hill Fire

Check or for details

MDA Fill The Boot 2017 Day 2 results
.
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