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February 25, 2017
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What's New at IAFF 1014
Friday February 24th Weekend update

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

Happy Friday!
February 24, 2017

Have a great weekend. Please keep Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer, his family and his Law Enforcement family in your thoughts and prayers. For the latest news and information click on the links.


On March 7, 2017, the Voters of Palos Verdes Estates will vote on the future of 100% of the Fire and Paramedic funding in their city. This measure needs a super-majority vote approval and while Local 1014 is engaged in a heavy print, radio and cable TV and social media campaign to try bring the votes home and secure the funding that provides 100% of the resources for our staffing and stations in PVE. KEEP UP WITH THE NEWS ON THIS MARCH 7 BALLOT MEASURE. WE WILL LIKELY BE CALLING FOR AN OLD SCHOOL PRECINCT WALK TO GET OUT THE VOTE MARCH 4, 5, 6, and 7. WE WILL NEED YOU TO HELP US GET THE MESSAGE OUT TO THE VOTERS OF PALOS VERDES ESTATES. MORE ON THIS SOON. Here is a little background and history on our PVE Funding and the Fire Tax that provides those revenues.

In the mid 1980’s, Proposition 13 property tax cuts became too severe to continue staffing and operating fire and paramedic services in Palos Verdes Estates. In May 1986, the city closed its Fire Department and entered into a contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) to provide fire protection, paramedic services, and the enforcement of the Fire Code inclusive of brush inspection, emergency response, rescue, building construction related services, all personnel and equipment.

Currently, these essential public safety services provided by LACFD cost the City approximately $4.7 million a year. The contract is evergreen; in other words, recognizing fire and paramedic services are an essential public safety need, the contract continues indefinitely unless, with 12-months advance notice to the LACFD, it is canceled.

Over the decades, following the recommendations of several independent Citizen Committees, each one assembled for evaluating funding alternatives. The city instituted a variety of mechanisms to pay the on-going cost for fire and paramedic services.

During the 1980’s, voter approved parcel taxes for police/fire/paramedic and park lands maintenance covered a portion of the costs of these municipal services. In 1991 and then again in 1996 (July), property owners voted their approval of a Fire Suppression Benefit Assessment District (FSBAD) that covered 100% of the cost of the contract with LACFD through 2001. With voter approval of Proposition 218 in November 1996, the FSBAD could only be used to fund fire protection, not paramedic services. Paramedic services represent 40% of the cost of the fire contract, and they are essential to our community. In 2001, after examining long-term financing options, the City placed before voters a ballot measure to fund fire and paramedic services through a parcel tax. Voters overwhelmingly approved the tax (by 87%) and renewed it again in 2007 for ten years (again by 87%), expiring in June 2017.

At the November 8, 2016 meeting, following the recommendation of the Citizen Committee comprised of Ronald Buss (Chair), Tom Connaghan, Kristin Curren, Robin DeBraal, Amy Friedman, Valerie Gorsuch, Helaine Lopes, Clark Margolf, Ellen Perkins, Lynn Solomita, William Um, and David Wagman, the City Council voted to again place a parcel tax on the ballot for funding our fire and paramedic services. The City Council included a 12-year sunset provision through 2029. Given a new state requirement to consolidate local and county elections in November of even years beginning in 2020, the measure will again be evaluated in November 2028. Let's get ready to walk the streets of PVE to get this done!

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board

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Friday, February 10, 2017 weekend update

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

Happy Friday!
February 10, 2017

As yet another winter storm hits LA County and Local 1014 Members cover the front lines to serve our citizens, Local 1014 Executive Board continues to prepare for storms affecting our membership.

We have met with both County Fire Management and Big LA County CEO staff to discuss the additional Vacation and Holiday time we secured during bargaining.  As most of you are aware the CEO for LA County directed the Department to not allow us to accrue those V and F days in accordance with our contract.  The County is having heartburn with the way we accrue and are paid for excess benefit time and would like to alter how we accrue and are compensated for the new hours we have achieved at the bargaining table. 

We have stopped the Department from carrying out the order of the County, and while they are caught in the middle, we have put both the County and the Fire Department on notice with regard to any unilateral actions they are considering as being unlawful, out of compliance with our MOU and County Code.  We have filed a grievance general in character on the vacation day accrual issues and we will soon file on the holiday accrual issue. 

A grievance general in character, filed by 1014 as per our MOU, is a formal appeal process that will end in arbitration against the County.  This is very similar to court in process and we have already been through the first meetings with the County and on are on our way to the next steps and likely arbitration.  We will be meeting with the CEO to discuss this further to attempt to find a solution, and we will consider talking to the Board of Supervisors on this as well but going to Arbitration looks to be a solid and good platform to prevail on this item and get an order handed to the County and the Fire District to handle it our way...the proper compliance with the MOU fairly negotiated between the County and 1014. 

All members affected, and those who are affected going forward, please keep the Union informed if you are not getting the new V and F days on your check.  We know that on the pay warrent of 1/13/2017 if you had excees hours that you stopped accruing in 2016 they were added to your excess hours.  We also know that on your check of 1/31/2017 you were given only 132 hours of holiday time instead of 144.  These both affect 56 hour firefighters only.  We will incorporate every member in the remedy for our grievance but knowing who has been affected helps us greatly.  As well as if you were told anything about these hours in writing by payroll.

This is not unlike many issues we have had to battle the County on to settle either in a grievance or in Court.  We are confident we will resolve this issue as we have every other action we have taken.  This issue affects other public safety union members in LA County also and we are in communication and collaboration with those Unions.  We will get more information to you as it is available and please feel free to call the Union with any questions.  

Have a great weekend and be safe.

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board

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Super Bowl 51

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel


The entire professional football season comes down to this one game.  This year in Super Bowl 51 two teams will face off for the right to be crowned World Champions.  The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will begin their battle at 1530. Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 "Brothers and Sisters" will be getting ready to BBQ, Tailgate, and cheer for their favorite teams in the sporting war of wars.  The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet.  The history of the game brings back great

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and most of us will take a little time to eat BBQ, Hot Wings, Hot Dogs and Raise a Cold One or Two as we watch the greatest gridiron game of the year memories for most.

As we take time to remind our members to get set to have a great and safe Super Bowl Sunday, and not put your job and more at risk, we also want to alert you to our next Game Day March 7, 2017.

Get a plan for today if you don't already have one. Get set with Uber, Lyft, a Cab, a Designated Driver, or Get a Room to Walk and not Drive!.... This choice could save your job and save a life as we know all too well. We have done much better but occasionally we have a member slip up, some are newer members. Don't make the mistake of not setting a plan this afternoon before you do it up. Have fun and may the spoils go to the victors!

Also on March 7, 2017, Local 1014 will be joining other Labor Folks and our Elected Officials to help in the Election of candidates who support Los Angeles County Fire Fighters in Local City Elections. We will also be playing heavily in a few very important Ballot Measures that affect each and every one of us, none more important the Measure D in Palos Verdes Estates. This measure will continue a levy of the existing special tax specifically for the entire Fire District Budget for Fire and Paramedic Services in Palos Verdes Estates. This is a must pass item for the citizens of Palos Verdes Estates to continue the Service in its entirety with Los Angeles County Fire. Stay tuned as we get set for Game Day - Local 1014 - March 7, 2017 when we will tackle Measure D along with a series of other Local City Initiatives and Measure H as we team up with Mark Ridley Thomas and the Board of Supervisors to combat Homelessness and Mental Health Issues.

Have a Great Super Bowl Sunday and get ready for game day March 7 2017 as well.

Your Local 1014 Executive Board

Dave Gillotte
Dave Morse
John Smolin
Lew Currier
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Mike Jones
Pat Dolan
Dominic Finks
Kurt Kobler
Andy Doyle
Jason Cervantes
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January 23rd - 1014 CLOSED due to power outage

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

The hall will be CLOSED today, January 23rd, due to a power outage.
SCE said they hope to have the power up later today.
We are sorry for any difficulties this may cause.

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1014 weekend update January 13, 2017

Los Angeles County Firefighters IAFF Local 1014

Representing over 3200 Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers,
Pilots, Wildland Firefighters, Forestry and Health Haz Mat personnel

1014 Weekend update
Friday January 13, 2017

Good Friday the 13th to Local 1014 brothers and sisters. As we head into this weekend we wanted to bring you up to speed on a few things of importance to our membership. First and foremost, the 2016-2017 Local 1014 Executive Board was sworn into office at the General Membership Meeting on Tuesday January 10th. Brother Frank Lima, former President of United Firefighter of Los Angeles (UFLAC) Local 112 and now International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) 10th District Vice President did the historic honor of swearing in the new Board. This is a little piece of history in the continue great bond and working relationship between Local 1014 and Local 112 making us stronger than ever when united. Local 1014 carried the CPF Resolution at Convention which passed unanimously to support Brother Lima for the IAFF 10th District VP position, uniting all States in the 10th District to elect Lima to the seat. We thank Brother Lima for coming over to Local 1014 Union Hall and doing the honors.

Thank you to outgoing Board Members Steve De Witt, Dave Lopez and Dave Baumann. They served well and some for many years to work on behalf of the members. It is a selfless sometimes heavy job and these brothers are thanked for their time, energy, passion and dedication to our membership. They will be missed. Congratulations to the returning Executive Board Members with Brother Dave Morse taking my right hand man position of 1st Vice President, and Brother Lew Currier taking the 2nd VP and Secretary Position. John Smolin back at the helm of treasurer and Pat Dolan, Andy Doyle and Mike Jones return to keep up their great work. Congrats to the 3 new Board Members Jason Cervantes, Kurt Kobler and Dominic Finks who join the team as new Directors. We had an Executive Board luncheon and orientation to kick things off, and all three of these brothers bring unique talents and experience to the Executive Board and are clearly ready to work hard on behalf of the membership on all of the issues. It is also an historic election in that we have elected our first African American Brother to the Executive Board with Dominic Finks and he is amply qualified and well experienced on so many issues and we are also not shy about it but damn proud to have an added diversity on the Local 1014 Executive Board and this only adds to our strength. We look forward to the hard work ahead of us and I can assure the membership we have an excellent group of hard charging Executive Board members who will do a great job on behalf of the membership. They have hit the ground running with training and representation of members and heated meetings with Department managers working on operations and EMS issues week one. Good job to all!

Also this week, Local 1014 put forward the name of Brother Andy Doyle to run for the position of California Professional Firefighters (CPF) Trustee. This vacancy became open when Brother Tony Gamboa of UFLAC 112 won the President’s Post at UFLAC. Congratulations to Brother Gamboa on his election and good luck to the UFLAC 12 team heading into the next 2 years also. Brother Andy Doyle is so well respected for his work in the State of California as part of the Local 1014 team on all issues that no other candidate submitted their name for the election even though there were many interested candidates. Andy is well equipped to serve as a Trustee, responsible for oversight as one of 3 Trustees, to watch over the finances and reporting for the CPF. The CPF is our State Union, and I serve as the 7th District Representative for LA County Local 1014, and we represent over 30,000 Professional Firefighters and Paramedics on the Political and Legislative Issues Affecting our Members. Congratulations Brother Doyle, we are proud of you and you will represent Local 1014 and all CPF Members honorably and effectively.

We would also like to Thank all of our Membership for your hard work and support in taking on Muscular Dystrophy’s Fill the Boot Drive to help raise money for the IAFF traditional charity drive helping out thousands of children and adults affected by Muscle Disease, some our own members and family. Local 1014 raised $195,352 dollars over the 3 day drive. Your efforts are part of a National IAFF Brother and Sister Campaign that dates back over 50 years with Professional Firefighter Support. It’s one of those things that simply represents who we are as professional firefighters who give back to the community. When polled, the citizens we serve have a tremendous amount of respect for our efforts for MDA and that counts as well. Thanks again to all who stepped up and made it happen like the doers we are at Los Angeles County Fire Department. Special thanks to the many, many Battalion Chiefs who are still members and stepped up big this drive to help throughout our 22 Battalions…. More on this in the first quarter newsletter!

Local 1014 continues to work on a few very items of great importance to all of us. The additional days of Vacation that we bargained for and won in Fringe were not being accrued to our members accounts as of the end of 2016. We asked that all members let us know if they were affected and did not receive the hours, and we have been dealing with the County on a Grievance General in Character and a game of chess to get this sorted out. As of now, the Department and the County did not issue an intended ET and the “County Version” of how we were to accrue and use this new vacation time and we are adverse in our positions, but talks continue and we will be meeting with the County again this month. A new development occurred in that our members appear to have been notified they have received the hours on their account with instructions for use. We ask you to notify Local 1014 if you in fact did receive the hours on your check. Please email if you received the hours. Also if you got any communication from payroll telling you about the vacation hours please forward that email as well to Director Doyle.

We are also continuing our discussions with the Department on the possibility of Paramedic Assessment Units being transitioned to ranked PM positions. We had no interest in the proposal as originally presented to the Union by the Department and we objected strongly and with threat of administrative, legal and job action response. The Department took a step back and as directed by the Fire Chief came back to the Local with good intent discussion and we are continuing those talks over the next couple of weeks to see if we can reach an agreement on a proposal we like that provides protections to grandfather FFPM’s on the PAU’s and elements of how and where these ranked positions would be implemented. More to come, for now simply watch for more information as it develops. We have an interest in ranked PM engine positions while protecting the FFPM’s in the positions.

Those are the two biggest items in the hotbox right now… there are so many more items to update on also and we will be working to get out our first quarter newsletter in February so keep your eyes open for the latest edition. Thank you to all Local 1014 Members for your support, your hard work and our solidarity with difference of opinion as the base for our strength as a professional Fire Fighter and Fire Personnel Union.

In Solidarity,

President Dave Gillotte and the Local 1014 Executive Board.

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